How to know when to let go

So recently, I’ve been going through a pretty tough time. Physically I’m great, apart from the occasionally IBS flare up. But mentally and emotionally.. these last few months have been a struggle. And while it hasn’t exactly been a pleasant time in my life, its really opened my eyes to the fact that, sometimes, we just have to let go.

Because, if something isn’t serving you – that is, if it isn’t making you happy, it isn’t making you healthy, its not helping you achieve your goals and its not aiding in your success – you need to let it go. Whether that be a person/relationship (something I’ve just gone through), a job, or even a certain food or ‘food rule’. Let. It. Go.

It’s going to be hard, its going to test your emotional strength and trust in yourself, and most likely, its going to hurt. But you have to think of things long-term. If something isn’t serving you now, its not going to serve you in the future, and until you make that difficult decision to let it go from your life, you are just going to remain stagnate in life, in your progress and in your pursuit of success. And I don’t know about you, but I know life is short and everyday is a precious opportunity, and I want to make the most of each and every one of them!

In the preceding months to now, I felt myself slowly spiralling – making no progress in my fitness, no progress in my career and slowly losing my motivation and passion for life which is usually so strong! I could feel myself slipping further into an unhappy and anxious state 24/7. And as hard as it was to let go of the source of this, I knew in my gut I had to do it.

The first step of letting go is acknowledging how you are feeling about the source of the issue. I’m very lucky that after years of therapy, I am very well in touch with my emotions and mental state. I can recognise when something isn’t right – whether or not I do something about it is another story, but I’m working on that. It takes courage and immense trust in ones self to follow your gut instinct and listen to, and honour, your emotions in times like this. But we have to acknowledge these emotions; rather than continue to ignore them, letting them feaster and hoping they will one day disappear. Because they won’t. Emotions are there for a reason, they are there to guide us and to keep us safe; so chances are, if your feeling like something just isn’t serving you currently, its for a good reason and deep down you innately know this.

And the next step of letting go is trusting that everything happens for a reason. One thing my Mum has always reinforced to me and my siblings growing up was that “everything happens for a reason”. Whenever something happened that made me upset or angry or disappointed; she would always say that quote. And I truly believe it. For some reason, this certain thing didn’t work out, but it wasn’t because you didn’t try hard enough, or because you weren’t passionate enough; its because there is something better in stall for you in the future and this is all just apart of the journey. You might not have gotten the job you interviewed for; but little do you know 2 months later a better, higher paying job that was basically designed for you will open up & you will get! Or, you might have had a blow up with your high school friends and had to let go of that friendship, but that just means they aren’t your ‘tribe’ and when the time is right you will meet your tribe who will just ‘get’ you and love you for who you are!

In the moment it might be hard, but trusting that the action of one thing not working out will lead you to bigger and better things in the future is so important.

Know your worth, know you do deserve happiness and know you have the strength to let go and build a better life for yourself. I know the fear of the unknown can be a scary thing, but doesn’t continuing to live an unhappy and unfulfilling life scare you more?

If something is not serving you; let it go and know greater things are waiting for you just around the corner. 

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