Why do we really eat anyway? | My Intuitive Eating Diaries

When we’re stuck in the diet mentality and calorie counting mindset, we eat to meet numbers. We eat (or we don’t eat) because the diet rules tell us to. And we eat to manipulate our physical appearance to look a certain way.

Intuitive eaters, on the other hand, eat to nourish their body. They eat for longevity. They eat to fuel their body to perform at its optimal capacity all day, everyday. And they eat to FEEL good.

Yes, food is there to be enjoyed, but the main reason we eat is to nourish our bodies. To provide them with the essential macro and micronutrients they need to function in everyday life. Intuitive eaters have this at the forefront of their mind every time they go to put something in their mouth. They don’t think about the number of calories the food contains or if the food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’; its just about feeling.

An interesting quote I think is very relevant to this, and very true, is “you are what you eat”. Now I’m sure we’ve all heard that before, but stop, and really think about it. Everything you put in your body, you become. Because your body digests, breaks down and absorbs into its cells everything you ingest! Therefore, everything you put in your body is going to determine how good and well you feel. Fuel your body with processed, sugar laden, junk food that contains no nutritional value; chances are your going to feel pretty crap. But, fuel your body with fresh, organic, wholesome foods in their most natural state that are full of essential vitamins and minerals; your body will thrive!

When I realised this, I was able to stop looking at food as purely a number and view it as something to heal and nourish my body. Now, I select foods based on what nutrients they can provide me and how they will make me feel after eating them. Because in my journey to becoming an Intuitive Eater, I’ve realised my goals are no longer just to look a certain way or weigh a certain amount; my goals are to feel my best EVERYDAY, to wake up energised, and to feel strong & healthy physically and mentally.

This has been a vital step in my intuitive eating journey. Because when you start eating foods that make you feel good (for me this is plenty of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, quality meats and homemade desserts), you don’t feel the need to track or obsessively control your eating any longer. You are eating for a purpose. You are eating foods your body knows how to effectively digest and break down to provide you with energy and essential nutrients. So in doing so, I could trust my body to do its job and trust it to use the fuel and not store it as ‘extra fat’.

I know a big fear in this transition to intuitive eating for many people is the fear of gaining weight. But my biggest advise for you is, focus on (as discussed above) why you truly eat. Ask yourself before eating, how is this food or meal going to make me feel an hour or day later? When your eating foods that make you feel good, your eating quality, nutrient rich foods; and in the right amount for your body, these are not going to make you gain weight or harm you in any way. Trust yourself and trust your body.

And go a step further; educate yourself on nutrition, learn about how the body uses food for fuel. I’m a huge believer in knowledge is power and when you’re better informed you’re more inclined to make healthy choices for your body & trust your ability to be an intuitive eater.

I promise you, you can do this! It’s little shifts in your mindset and behaviours – like eating to feel good as opposed to eating to meet diet rules – that truly make a world of difference. Take it slowly and the results will come. Perseverance and patience is key in this journey to becoming an intuitive eater. ❤️

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